Success Stories


Business Transformation

  • Developed a strategic plan process to allow companies to accelerate their growth and transform their organization
  • Created an incubation approach for new businesses
  • Accelerated growth by defining and executing a geographic organic expansion plan
  • Initiated new revenue streams in Europe, Asia, North-America and Latin-America
  • Led a strategic selling process: CRM assessment and implementation, coordination of sales team.
  • Defined and implemented sales reporting to better trigger results.
  • Defined  KPIs to monitor the sales cost
  • Third Party cross selling / Alliances and Partnership strategy


International Development

  • Developed business positioning surveys, go to market strategy plans, and partnership agreements
  • Led international expansion of a $1.3bn communication group
  • Negotiated global / international $50M contract value with marketing procurement and legal teams
  • Led global vs local branding positioning surveys
  • Designed and deployed marketing and lead generation campaigns 
  • Established and licensed network of operating entities across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America
  • Transacted business in close to 100 countries 


Performance and Organization

  • Established new performance management processes, KPIs and rules, supported by change management plan
  • Defined and managed integration plan of newly acquired subsidiary: diagnostic of organization and processes, process re-engineering, team competency upgrade.
  • Drove consolidation of industrial scope after external growth, working capital reduction, product portfolio rationalization
  • Aligned sales and product lines with service delivery.
  • Shifted self-centered organization to client centric model
  • Built and led executive teams, including legal, compliance, regulatory and government relations functions. 
  • Trained management committee in monitoring corrective action plans, tracking non quality, improving processes efficiency, developing continuous improvement
  • Implemented new systems (ERP, Reporting, Data mining systems)
  • Finance Shared services implementation over a multi-country scope, including restructuring phase 
  • Designed and led Crisis Management plan


Corporate Finance and M&A

  • Raised equity in the US and Europe for start-up companies
  • Developed financing through debt, equity, bonds of international companies
  • Defined cash management and treasury strategy and managed the treasury function
  • Managed the listing of companies on the Paris Stock Exchange
  • Managed M&A projects across 20 countries (target selection, business plan, negotiations, legal coordination, integration)
  • Engaged VCs for A and B tranches, pre-IPO planning.
  • Established JVs and executed acquisitions in markets across 5 continents 
  • Negotiated M&A transactions and greenfield start-ups
  • Led due diligence investigations